Small rivers in Notts


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Hi guys,
Just wondering if anyone had any info about some small rivers in or around Nottingham.

The ones I am interested in so far are
River Maun
River Meden
River Smite
River Dove
Fairham/Calton Brook
River Erewash
River Saor

Any info on where to best access these rivers for the best spots and any other smaller rivers that you know of would be great.
I want to fish some of these over the winter but would like to find some decents spots before it starts getting cold

Thanks in advance


Hi Fozzie,

I know you can fish the River Maun on a Notts AA book behind the scout camp at Walesby but haven't tried it myself... from what I've heard you will need a roving approach due to many very shallow areas.

Where the river runs through Mansfield it's full of roach and chub along certain stretches but invariably you will find that fishing for them is prohibited in this area unfortunately (although some do).

Good luck with it :)


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I wouldn't go to the NAA stretch of the maun yet,i've fished it & it's a stalking approach but at the moment it's to low & clear,some nice chub & roach though when some rain comes.


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Cheers, I'll give it a miss for a bit then. I might try the saor instead.

Do you know what the Notts anglers stretch is like?

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The soar stretch is nice but it's a long walk & I think it leaves your car a bit open,as you leave it quite a way off & not really safe,better to get the LEVAS book & park further down.For nice chub & barbel start looking at the river idle.