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Nov 16, 2015
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Many decades ago I was introduced to Mr. Twister curl tail grubs and caught hundreds of fish when I rigged them in 1/8 oz ball head jigs.
But in the last 4 years I've discovered that at times, the curl tail action is limited to straight retrieves without much angler imparted action that would generate finesse actions of body, tail or both. To accomplish this, I've gone to straight tail or no tail grub designs such as Big Bite Bait Panfish Minnow sold on the AGMdiscountfishing site:
big bite.jpg
(BTW, Big Bite Baits offer the finest soft plastics and design variety of any source I've found)

When rigged on a 1/32 oz ball head with #4 hook, the lure glides until you twitch the rod tip slightly causing the tail to quiver. This subtle action many times gets inactive fish to strike considering the longer time in the strike zone. I've used lures like it under a float and when there is a slight chop on the water surface, gotten hard strikes pulling that float straight down.

There are many lures of this type you can buy or modify lures you already own - my favorite.
The Crappie Magnet is lure I can always count on to catch different fish species -most colors work.:

other examples:

Clear cone tail grub:

3.5 lb coarse fish:

2 grub bodies minus curl tails attached together using a candle flame:

(note: wacky rigged hooked in the center of the bait) or

the usual way:

Curl tail grubs most certainly catch different species and size fish, but for the most fish, I prefer straight tail grubs.
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