South essex lakes ?


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You'll have to be a bit more specific. What sort of fishing do you want to do? Pike? Specimen Carp? Day-ticket? All-round fisheries? There's a lot to choose from in that area.


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I grew up fishing the Chase in Dagenham. South Weald, Berwick ponds and Aveley lakes. but a whole lot of new fisheries have been created in the area since then with a lot of day ticket waters. Lakeside shopping centre has a large complex for instance. Some of these have their own websites so you can google them for up to date info or if you tell us roughly where you live perhaps we can point you at somewhere a bit more specific. I'm assuming you have your own transport?


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Im a romford boy so sounds like you were local too

and yes ive got a car etc
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Yep - there are at least 4 of us originally from Romford on here!
Start off fishing the Chase. It's probably still Day Ticket. Join a local club too - Billericay is a good one with a nice stretch of the Roding and several good lakes


Can confirm some Carp anglers fishing through the cold weather on Chase front lake... don't know if the Catfish are still in there... Back lake more of a general fishery, but I can recall a big eel coming out some years back... since moved to the West Midlands - a bit more quiet on the lake front up here.