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May 19, 2012
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Imagine you've just been to John Lewis and bought a carriage clock for £80.

It looks fantastic, feels like the real deal, sounds like it should and people who are too polite to ask may well think you have an antique carriage clock worth much more than £80.

But you know the truth...and do you care?

If you care, don't buy this reel.

If you don't care, you should definitely buy this reel.

At 368g it is pretty heavy, but it has to be heavy to be what is basically a very good mock antique. It is a solid and chunky piece, yet still has a fabulous look about it.

The ratchet is very heavily sprung indeed, and should a double figure carp begin peeling line it would probably cause Chris Yates to turn and face the wind, 100 miles away.

The inside width of the drum is just over one inch and the OD is just under 4 1/2".

There is a small amount of play in the drum's position, but not unreasonably so.

It has microdrag, which in my opinion, is vital for any 'pin which is to be used on a still water shared with other fishermen.

£100 I paid, which is probably high, but I am pleased that I did. I have rejected pins bought in the past - no way am I rejecting this one.


P.S. I suppose all centrepins built in the last 50 years are mock antiques, anyway!