Split cane versus the rest


Alan Cooper

I am posting this topic not with a view to say all other materials are junk - most of my rods are of other materials -but that split cane, in my opinion, makes for the best big fish rods. They seem to have more "poke" to me than rods made of other materials (even where the test curve is the same). What do others think?

Carp Angler

Not wanting to be an antagonistic so and so, but I have to heartily disagree.
I've got a Chapman Shefford and I coupled this with a Allcock Aerial 'pin for what I thought would be an aesthetic and atmospheric way to fish.
The rod is overly heavy, ponderous, does not have a responsive tip and doesn't resume it's shape unless I bend it the opposite way.
Now this might be because the rod is a poor one, not being a connoisseur of cane I can't answer that one, but after my experiences with this one I'm not going to spend a couple of hundred quid to find out.
Aesthetically and atmospherically it is definitely the mutts nutts, but it's not all about looking good, is it?

Alan Roe

Oct 12, 2005
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The Problem you have had with your cane rod is that the cane has been under tempered i.e. that not enough of the residual water has been driven out of the cane before splitting and planing sadly I know of no way of rectifying this problem caused by poor manufacture other than to fire it back at the makers.
The other big problem is overtempering which leaves the rod brittle.
Achieving the correct temper is someting of a black art which is gained by experience.If you have a word with Norman Agguter who has a website he might be able to put you onto Chapmans who were still giong a couple of years ago and my still be.
My prefered use for split cane is for fly rods max7'length for small streams where short accurate casts are essential.
As yet I have not found anything better for this job. You are right carp angler it is not all about looking good but having the appropriate tool for the job.
Equally I feel that there is a silly and unecessary mystique being built up around cane rods which is leading to some seriously expensive prices being charged for them by todays manufacturers.
Alan if you fancy that cane barbel rod you had a play with the other day I am open to offers.....

Alan Cooper

I am not at all an expert on cane - but it definitely sounds to me Carp Angler that you have a dodgy rod! I put a bend in my old cane rod (now corrected) but that was after 10 years of use and a good many biggish fish including double figure carp up to 21lb. However, I am not arguing the case for spilt cane on any other ground other than "best for the job." Alan is certainly right about the price of these rods nowadays. And yes Alan, I do fancy that rod!