SST Travel Rod & ITX Reel!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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My 1st Field Test For My New Travel Combo!

I knew when i inspected the ferrule connections that this was not your "normal" segmented travel rod! The connection ends have been beef-up. And the ferrule depths have been lengthen as well. The TSA travel approved cabin tube was thick & beefy as expected. Not what you'd expect when ordering a 4pc segmented rod. It feels & responds like a 1 piecer.

Next I had to figure the best reel size to pair it with. I tried a Blue Azores 4000 but it was to large & heavy as this is a very light rod. My ITX felt perfect size wise though it was on the lighter side. Might try the Helios40 next as it's a hair bit larger than the ITX. After i got back i messaged John Bretza, the Okuma developer on what i thought about the rod. I was extremely satisfied with my new travel rod.



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