stamping on a bait boat


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where I go to find my sweet retreat from life ,is a beautiful pond set next to a stream and fields ,ducks of several types ,
the occasional kingfisher ,tree creepers ,big fat friendly labaradors wandering around sniffing out your bait ,dragonflys dancing in a courtship ,chickens clucking in the adjacent property ,bats swooping in the evening shy ,

NOW SOME DAM WANNABE MATT HAYES WITH HIS BAIT BOAT ,ok I get it if hes fishing 300 yrds out at a res the pond is small enough to use a catapult if your fishing on the far bank or even chuck them if the bait is heavy ,chugg chugg chugg all effing 4 hrs I was there drove me up the wall ,where did all the piece and tranquillity go ,I say MATT HAYES WANNA BE IM GOING TO JUMP UP AND DOWN ON IT IF YOU BRING IT AGAIN


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Here lies the reason for long lists of rules. Fishery owners write rules to try to appease and stop infights between anglers on the back of a method another anglers doesn't like. Floating pole, slapping, etc etc.

Personally I think fishermen could do with showing a little tolerance. We need to be aware of the fact that fishing is not a profession, or requires any training nevermind regulated training.

Block the boat out your mind and enjoy yourself, by letting the boat upset you, it's only bothering you. Jump up and down on his boat and you might find the issue escalates pretty quickly too boot :)

P. S I know the jumping was not literally meant btw :D


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Don’t let the things worry you, as previous stated block it from your mind. I wouldn’t let a piece of plastic enjoy my pastime.


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I agree with your post carpinbob,trouble is it isn't the big of plastic that irks,it's the phallus using it,so moronic to think to use his floating drone on a pond,I heard yesterday from a friend that a carp angler was casting around 120yds to the far bank reeds,no problem you'd think,but there are swims all along that bank(every 20yds or so),so why risk having another angler,possibly with three rods and a huge bucket of bait,fishing for carp/catfish killing it for you,surely you think first before using a bait boat,or even cast a line,obviously not.


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I wouldn't be good at "blocking it out of your mind", either. If you're the kind of angler who takes care not to impose your presence on others on the bank, it's hard to ignore those that do. It's a bit like being at the cinema - little things like people unwrapping sweets and rustling crisps can be a pita.

I stopped going to one of my favourite lakes a few months ago; I just couldn't seem to get away from the type of angler who stands up to cast in, casts into your swim, has a radio on their side-tray, sits one side of you then talks across you to their mate on the other side, uses a loud bite alarm for methods that don't need it............ A bait boat on a pond would spoil my day, too.


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Please to say that my clubs have a ban on all bait boats and drones also restrictions on how much bait you can spod.
Never have understood why people always want to fish as far as they can cast. I have seen anglers on opposite banks my lake casting as far as they can and end up fish next to each other. Also been moaned at for fishing some ones swim when they are a 100 yards away.


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I really thought this thread was Stamping on a Bait Boat by BonJovi :D

Jonny used to fish by a dock
You know he missed his strike
He's down on his luck
It's Chub, those Chub

Gina got a liner today
Working for her man
She casts out again
For Chub, those chub

She says we gotta hold on to what we got
It doesn't make a difference if we lose it or not
We'll get another, for that's a lot of chub
Lets give it a trot

Whoah were half way there
Whoah oh rod tip in the air
Taking line but we'll land it I swear
Whoah oh get it in there!

Peter Jacobs

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Let me start by saying that I own a bait boat, a Viper Mk3, but only ever use it on venues where it is necessary (for physical or practcal reasons) and would never dream of using it on a pond or small lake.

In use it is pretty quiet and once it is more than 30m away you cannot hear it at all . . . . .

To my mind a bait boat is simply just another piece of kit that enhnaces one's chances of catching, and technically it is no different to a bite alarm or indeed an expensive big pit reel.

That some people use them injudiciously is both obvious, and annoying, but in fact is a bait boat more or less troublesome that some noddy thrashing the water to a foam with a giant spod, and usually spreading his bait all over the place rather than concentrating it where it will do the most good?

When I was contemplating buying one I took a long time reviewing what was on the market and what features I wanted, and which ones I didnt.

For examle, I wanted one with an integral echo sounder as it can give a very good idea of the depths and the bottom contours without all the fuss and disturbance of casting around a marker rod.

I decded however against buying a model that had GPS as I thought that was a step too far, and in any event on those misty early mornings I would far rather just sit back and enjoy the morning rather than be so eager to start fishing.

In the final analysis, angling is such a wide church that there is surely room enough for all of us from the traditional angler to the user of advanced technology, on the proviso it is used intelligently . . . . .


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I dont think anybody minds baitboats as you say they are a piece of kit that has its uses and its places to be used .

just not my pond next to me ...

sam vimes

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Give me a bait boat user, over someone thrashing the water to a foam with a spod/spomb, any day of the week. If you have your own private bugbears, you've just got to go out and find waters where few are fishing, or the methods you dislike are not allowed. Beyond that, you've just got to accept that people will use methods, and do things, that you just don't like.


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Look,we see it all,spods are ok,but not if you don't understand how and how much feed is enough at varying times of year,I watched a guy cast his three rods out and put fifteen spods over each rod,in February absolute madness and he caught what he deserved,naff all,I think as a prebaiting tool they are brilliant,topping up with half a dozen as and when,but we have all seen the guys feeding a wine making bucket full of bait out before starting,I'm not sure about that,bait boats are fine too,in the right hands,it's the same as a car,give some people the keys and they become Lewis bloody Hamilton...

terry m

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It’s all very well to go online and list all of the things that others do that pi$$ you off. And I am incredibly envious because those complainants must be damned perfect.

Whilst I do not own a bait boat I do own a radio, a spod and I often fish with multiple rods. To cap it all I also own a bivvy. Fishing near me must be utterly intolerable.


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Terry,nobody is perfect,but consideration for others is a nice thing to carry in your bait bag,I carry a radio at times,you wouldn't know if you were seven or eight yards away though,bivvies are ok,as are spods,fishing with multiple rods too as long as you can control them and don't interfere with others,or think that the other bank over a hundred yards away is your swim,when there are swims cut out over there,it's all relative and as I say it's the angler not the 'machinery' he uses that causes issues,if we all sat and thought before we cast we might not annoy anyone...;)