Storing rods in a Quiver



Dumb question but, do you store made up rods "tip to butt" or with rod sections "side by side"?

Picked myself up a Drennan Specialist Quiver and wanted to use it over the weekend.

jason fisher

i put en tip to but, with the top section of a korda top and tails on the exposed end, if i'm using my quiver i use the bottom of the top and tails to put the quiver in keeps the quiver from having the tip eye snapped off.

Fred Bonney

I store mine side by side and use protectors for the tip and the lower rings.Fishrite's are good value.

Ron Troversial Clay

I stick mine in any old way, mainly both thin ends first.

Chris Bishop

Tip to butt tackled up, make sure the tip doesn't potrude below the handle. usually use those girlie hair bobble things to keep sections together, carry two - five made-up rods dep where I'm going and how far the walk is.

Always have a Breakaway clip at th end of the reel line, usually just snick it in the legs of a rod ring when moving around so I can tackle up quick on arrival, ie just snap a trace on and off you go.

Graham gave me ome of those tip top protector things a while back, brilliant idea. You can also get velcro bands but they can allow the tip to slip down, which is a recipe for breaking he top couple of inches off a rod.


New member
Side by side for me, but I also bind the skinny ends to my landing net handle with a home made velcroed strap.

keith hatton 1

i use rod tubes and push some fome to the bottem and glue some to the cap so it addes some protection i store mine tip to but and have no problems

Budgie Burgess

Tip to butt and held together with hair bands.When piking I use a length of pipe lagging around the rod to stop the trebles catching.

jason fisher

one tip for a float rod. make the rig up as normal on the line, i use my pole rigs that i have used in the swim before as a guide, then wind the rig onto a winder and shove it through one of the securing bands.
13 foot float rod ready made up just assemble and fish.


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you won't catch when using those cable tidies, iveadenuf! I bet they aren't even camou!

I store mine side by side. I have one of those quiver type bags and a regular fully zipped bag and i have to say, i much prefer the fully zipped up bags. Feels alot more safe and the handles are in the right place.

My quiver bag has the handle way above where the reels sit, so when carrying it around, everything is unbalanced.

and before anyone says 'why did you buy it then?...' I didn't, it was a freebie. :-D