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Ray Roberts

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Feb 12, 2008
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Eltham, SE London
I went out Saturday with my granddaughter and managed to snag up my feeder. I pulled for a break and reeled in my Acolyte quiver rod as it was the last knockings and I was going to pack up. I didn’t realise that there was a stop still on the broken line until I heard the “tink” sound as it hit the top eye and snapped it off. “Oh deary, deary me!” I said (granddaughter was nearby). “There goes the best part of twenty quid and it’s only been out of its bag twice.” I decided to have a look at it tonight before ordering a new one.


It was snapped off flush with the top eye. I found a miniature drill bit but couldn’t get a start. The eye is really tiny and the bore is very small. I didn’t want to risk the drill chewing out the side of the eye so I got a sewing needle and fashioned a spear pointed drill bit out of that. Once I had shifted the carbon out of the way, I run the twist drill bit through to fully clean out the hole and super glued the tip ring back in place. I only lost about seven or eight mill from the tip and it will make no difference in use.


A job well done and £18.95 to the good.

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