Surprising catch New Yerar's Eve.

Jeff Woodhouse

Moaning Marlow Meldrew
I went on our stretch of the Jubilee river trying out my new Chrissy pressy, a medium power Sonik spinning rod, and loaded with a favourite old 18g Abu Reflex spinner.

Only had one fish which seeing as I was after perch was a surprise. At first I thought a small jack and when it surfaced some distance away I thought chub. But then it betrayed itself with its surface action, like a washing machine. It was a sea trout.

No photograph as I like to get trout back as quickly as possible and with no handling, but unfortunately I did need to lay this down to remove the treble then it went straight back. Still, a very nice end to the year.

Edit, should add it was probably around 2½lbs. Nice!


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Nice one Jeff - last time i took a trout from the Thames was Marlow Weir in the 70's....and it wasn't a ST.