Syndicate places available at The Stumps, Sheephills Farm

Jul 25, 2007
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Hi everyone, it's a long time since we posted anything. Our syndicate has been running so well and the fishing has been superb for the last couple of years, with lots of very satisfied syndicate members.
Unfortunately we have lost two members through personal circumstances and can now offer 2 syndicate places.
Our members are a great bunch of men. There are 20 in all, as we think that that is a good number to ensure that everyone can fish as and when they want.
We are looking for like minded people who will respect their other members, the bank, the fish and us. That is so important to us and we will only consider people who will fit in.
If you would like to apply, please email me as soon as you can (the opening is quite soon as you all know)
Thank you,