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Mark Hewitt

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Feb 23, 2006
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A final check.

Please keep 'chat' to the other thread, this is just so everyone knows whats happening.

The list as I have it - please post if you spot a mistake:

Mark Hewitt

Wol. (Paid)

Steve Spiller (paid)

Wendi Spiller (Paid)

Jeff Spiller (paid)

Jonny (paid) (+1)

Andy Nellist (paid)

Graham Collins (paid)

Paul Howarth (paid)

Nigel Conner (paid)

****y (paid)

Mithrandir (paid)

Claudia (paid)

Cakey (Paid)

Derek (Morespiders) (Paid)

Richard Farrow (paid)

Speci-Hunter (Paid)

Greg Whitehead (paid)

Trev Matthews (paid)

Chris Barker (paid)


Bryan Baron (paid)

Paul Williams (paid)

Thomas Williams (paid)

Wendy Perry

Jim Smith (paid)


Lee Swords

Hippy (Paid)

Places still avalible if anyone else is interested

I'll try to get to the lake before everyone else, and set up somewhere close to the dam, so people can find me when they arrive.

For those unsure, we have the whole water, exept the dam wall.

When you arrive you wont have to pay the car pack charges. If there's a ranger around explain your with fishing magic. Then come and find me (hence why I'll be close to the dam - hope these swims are decent????). Or a quick call: 07870604379

I'll then come and find you.

Normal tents are not allowed, but any type of <u>fishing bivvy/shelter is fine.</u>

See you all on the day.