telescopic rods are they worth using


alan outen

i have started fishing about two weeks ago i have been using a standerd 10 foot beach caster. i also brought a 14 foot telescopic rod and the first time i used it it snapped. it was definetly a sea rod as it had a casting weight of 7 ounces. i had a .65mm line on the reel and a 18lb line as a hook length when it snapped as i was reeling in, i also lost the hook length. is it worth getting the rod repaired or are they a waste of space. cheers very much

Rasmus Keis

99.9% of the time = waste of space, time and money. But that is just my opinion!

Unless we're talking whips - that is quite different.

;-) Rasmus, Denmark

John McLaren

The fact is there are some pretty good telescopic rods out there right now. But you get what you pay for and the action on most is not as good as a standard two or three piece rod.

I have a Shakespeare rod that is great for light spinning and some float/leger work but I've never tried a telescopic in the heavier classes.

I would be very dubious about forking out for a repair unless the rod was expensive - and if it was I'd have it back to the tackle dealer as perhaps being faulty!