So, as my username says, I work as a translator. Some of the specific terms are unclear to me. Could anyone explain what a "doll fly" is? This is my most recent problem... Thank you in advance, guys!

sam vimes

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You might have greater Googling success if you use "Baby Doll Fly". It's simply a name given to a certain pattern of fly fishing fly/lure.
Thanks, that gave me an idea. Another question: what are the differences between the following techniques: jigging, heave and leave, pure fly fishing? They appear in this order, in a single sentence: "There are plenty of options to throw at them in the case of fly fishing, be it jigging or heaving and leaving or purest fly fishing."

Peter Jacobs

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“Jigging” is usually defined as the rapid movement of a bait in the vertical plane.

I have not heard of “heaving and leaving”, but would assume it applies to maybe stripping a lure fast and then allowing it is flutter back down before stripping it back again.

As for “purist fly fishing” then that is probably the art of upstream dry fly dishing as practised on the southern chalk streams of England


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I haven't heard of heaving and leaving either.
It could refer to the technique of fishing a Booby or other bouyant fly on a sinking line with a short leader. You can catch fish this way by just casting out and waiting.
Jigging is not a term I have heard in fly fishing, although jig hooks are available.These are usual used to tie weighted nymphs mainly used for Grayling.
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Thanks, guys!
What I have forgotten to tell you, is that these techniques are described in an Australian fishing show ("Gone Fishin' ", check it out if you'd like), so they may be indigenous to the Australian angler community.