terrible session

Lord Paul of Sheffield

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I fished Aston ponds today - got there at 3.30 and was fishing by 4.00 - by 5.30 I'd only had one half hearted take on the quiver tip - despite trying various baits, so thinking to salvage something I packed up and when to KJS in Killamarsh.

Got set up and was fishing by 6.00 - I packed in at 8:30 having caught 2 small carp (well one small carp and 1 brown goldfish) both of about 3lb and both came at about 7.00.

I had plenty of bite that didn't hook fish on the strike - I changed bait, changed presentation and still nothing - then hooked a good fish and lost it in the reeds.

To make matters worse I forgot my brolly so got caught in 2 down pours.

Oh and when I thrown my left over bread in as I was packing up - the carp when made o nthe surface eating it and my rod was in the car.

captain carrott

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that pretty much resembles my session on the canal earlier this evening.
2 small roach and one small perch to show for my efforts, no rain though so not all bad.

missed an absolute shed load of bites, can't work it out, tip goes round 4 inches bounces about like mad strike, nothing, maggot appears to be untouched. same thing happening all evening


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These don't sound that bad sessions at least you didn't blank and it will leave you planning your tactics for next time with at least some success to fall back on.

jimmy crackedcorn

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Alot of places just arent fishing well, not badly but not great, at the moment. Dont know why for sure but I'd suggest lack on consistant weather.


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Same at my local ponds. A week ago I had over 30lb of roach bream and tench, in about 4 hours, this time very few roach, and no bream. A couple of tench 3lb and 4lb helped a bit, and watching a Kingfisher flitting around made it all worth while:):)


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Ahh but when it all goes right these sessions are soon forgotten. It's what has captivated me for 40 odd years of fishing. The unfathomable fickle side of nature. Why does one bait and one tactic work today and wont work tomorrow?
As for forgetting the brolly. I had to turn round and head for home today coz I'd forgotten the head to my landing net.... Plonker.
Still had best part of a 100lb of carp from a local commercial, yippee!:)

Jeff Woodhouse

Moaning Marlow Meldrew
you were probably fishing the same place when you called them that
Yes. All the way up to the tunnel at times, which you didn't dare go into because there were devils and demons at work in there. They say a cow swam in one day and never came out. Of course, there were no barges working on it at that time, frightened off by the boggarts and bogeymen!

All true!