Texas / Carolina rigs defined along with jig rigged plastic lures


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First off, thanks so much for introducing various rigs and lures to catch different fish species. I've been trying to do the same in various forums with pictures rather than videos.

Texas rig used to strictly mean using a bullet weight - pegged or not - attached to a weedless hooked plastic worm. No swivel used normally. In recent years the term Texas Rig has come to mean the weedless method of putting the bait on the hook whether a weight is used or not.

A Carolina rig uses a plastic bait rig similar to the Texas rig, but with the weight fixed above the hook, instead of sliding down to it. The lure is rigged on a weightless hook.

The Keitech Easy Shaker Worm is one of my favorite taper tail worms along with the Kut Tail. The 4.5" size I rig a 1/32 oz or 1/16 oz jig head with #4 hook. The jig can be weedless or non. The jig used is a non-weedless 1/32 oz jig.

Jig made weedless using a fine wire loop added to the jig:

Hook length should allow the most worm or any soft plastic action and usually comes out less than 1/2 the length of the lure. If the lure isn't straight on the hook regardless the hook rig, it has a tendency to spin and cause line twist.
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Of note, the weedless system that you show in the picture is one of the first weedless hooks that was used in the US. Another US product that sold well especially in europe due to the different species that we target here, is the Stick Guard. Or, look for "Hook guard" on basspro.com.

I've used the system you show a bit, then the stick guards for years, however you can use a soft and thin 2 mm silicon tube. Those tubes are normally used or carp rigs I think, but they are fit for purpose for this sort of application. Easy to find in UK tackle shops and can adapt to a simple hook or treble.


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I haven't used a Texas rigged plastic worm and bullet sinker for years; haven't been too keen on the drop shot or Carolina rigs either. As many have seen in my other post on jig heads, I specialize in matching jig head weight and hook size depending on lure length, presentation (retrieve type), lure action-by-design, depth fished and species size.

I've decided that unpainted jig heads catch more fish and prefer jigs with no collars having invented a lure holding wire attachment. I routinely catch over 25 fish per outing and much of the time over 40. Fish range in size from 4" bass to 7 1/2 lb. catfish. Other weedless and weighted hooks in my opinion can't match the numbers I catch or fish specie variety in one outing.
Exposed hook jigs can do well in certain weeds and hook fish easier by allowing fish to hook themselves.

Anyone I've shown how light jigs can improve their catch have been convinced. That's not to say I only use light jigs and depending on the water and species, will cast much heavier and larger lures. Lure versatility is my middle name.