TF Gear Compact 8ft Feeder Rod


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Jul 2, 2009
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This is a very powerful rod - I stopped carp up to mid doubles with ease and I am confident it can handle much more.

When I first opened the bag I was immediately impressed by the build quality and good looking matt brown blank. The blank is pencil thin and it was obvious from its weight that this is built for heavy use.

An obvious feature of the handle is the unique TF gear Power hump. Although it is unusual it is actually very compfortable when it use. I teamed my rod up with a 30 size Okuma Epix Pro baitrunner and 8lb mono. To be honest the rod did not feel well balanced and felt heavy in the handle. The Okuma is not a particularly light reel so it might feel better with a 2500 size shimano or something similar.

I fished a couple of rod lentghs out with a 28g cage feeder. I've not fished with a rod this short before and i struggled with an underam swing, something I am well practiced at with a longer rod. The short length and quivertip are not conducive to such a method. I tried an overhead cast and also found it awkward to achieve an accurate cast. Again I struggled to reach any distance. I suspect with practice this would improve.

I hooked a number of carp to mid doubles and the rod coped easily. I am sure it will land a 20lb carp with no trouble. I also landed a number of skimmers and suffered very few hook pulls.

In summary this is a very well made rod that oozes quality and is built to like a tank. I did not enjoy catsing with it and struggled to cast accurately.

Unfortunately I've decided to cut my losses and have decided to ebay the rod after using it only once! The good news is that I have ordered the 10ft version of this rod as I am very impressed with the build and I am confident that the extra 2 feet will make a lot of difference!

If you decide to buy one of these then use a small light reel.