Thames Tidefest Angling Championship 2019


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Forty anglers fished the 6th Thames Tidefest Angling Championship 2019 on the tidal river at Strand on the Green, Chiswick and Barnes foreshores on Sunday September 8th.



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That's not bad 18lb for a river section that was once considered pretty lifeless and on a bad conditions day.
I cut my teeth around here as a kid, Chiswick, Isleworth, Kew and it was pretty dire so always follow this with interest. Been tempted to enter a couple of times, never fished a match before but it would be interesting to do so. If the new sewer makes this part of the river even cleaner could be very good and not forgetting Martin's 2lb+ roach a while ago, that would have been impossible when I was a kid.. Nice to read something positive for a change.
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