The Boddington fish in thread...

peter crabtree

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As you know I am arranging a fish in at this reservoir on Sunday 13th October.

There are already a good few interested who have stated their intention to attend.
There is also plenty of room for more..

I suggest we meet between 9am and 10 at the North car park which is situated on the road between Upper Boddington and Byfield. There isn’t an accurate postcode for it?

Google Maps

If you are approaching from Upper Boddington it will be on your right.
From Byfield, the left, beyond the sailing club car park.

There are no long walks involved but there are some steps or a ramp to get up to the bank. Not too strenuous...

Parking is free.

Day tickets are £7 or £4 OAP.

The pegs are all level concrete with steps down to them. There are 3 levels to sit on at different heights due to the rise and fall of the water level.

Average depth is 6’-8’ depending on water level.

What to bring?

Float and feeder gear mainly, good roach can be caught close in on waggler or whip.
Carp and tench on feeder, pellet waggler.
Pike to pike tactics.
Pole fishing is tricky unless the Ressie is full of water, I will check with the bailiff beforehand.

There are no food outlets on site, or anywhere near, so bring your own.

Hopefully the weather will be favourable. It can be quite windy there as it’s quite high up, so naturally
bring suitable attire.

peter crabtree

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Just found these pics of Boddington to give those attending a taste of what’s to come...
This was in April 2 years ago...

My net of big roach..


john step

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I had to go to Sth Wales yesterday so I took a detour to Boddington to have a look. I sat in the sunshine with sandwiches on one of those steps watching the anglers. I managed to speak to the bailiff.

He advised that the car park is mostly trouble free but the usual precautions about leaving stuff on display applies. Other anglers say they have never known any problems. Mind you they seem to park in the adjacent road. The car park is surrounded by small trees and shrubs.

A ramp for trolleys goes up beside the steps. I would suggest taking a trolley or barrow.
The water is absolutely awesome. In the sunshine it had the appearance of water somewhere on the continent.

The level is considerably lower than in the photos. About 15 feet in fact but the steps and concrete platform is still OK to sit on and there is still plenty of depth.
The water level drops in the summer to keep the canal locks in operation.

An attached arm rod rest or box would be useful. If not a rod rest can be wedged in the rocks. These rocks make the rocks on the tidal Trent look like pebbles!!

The regulars told me they had caught about half a dozen carp that morning most of which were doubles.
The rules on keepnets on the notice board state that carp are only allowed in keepnets for matches. Then only 5 per net.

Which brings me to the question PETER. I have never been on a fish in before. Will it be a match or just a jolly?
If it is a match may I suggest as we are all gentlemen on here that we could possibly weigh and record any carp we catch and release them?

Travelling from the Northerly direction via Daventry. The satnav is a little confusing at Byfield just before Boddington. It states at one point take the 2nd left. This is a dead end . There are a confusion of mini roundabouts here. Go right.

From the M1 and around Daventy there are many roundabouts and and a plague of changing speed limits.50,40,30 and round and round and again many times.. There was also a speed camera van set up to collect taxes from the unwary.

Hope this helps

peter crabtree

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Thanks for that info John. Definitely not a match as that would incur pegging fees, and you'd probably beat me...
I have fished it when the level was as low as the bottom platform, it doesn't seem to make any difference to the fishing.
I have been there numerous times and never had any problems in the car park. A car can be broken into anywhere these days so the risk is the same as anywhere else...
Regarding sat nav I believe it's easier to direct yourself to upper Boddington then take the road to Byfield, the car park will be before you get to Byfield, thus avoiding dead ends...From the South (Banbury) there's a turning on the left called the "Twistle" just before you reach Byfield . Follow that to the end and turn left at the junction and the car park is after the sailing club entrance.

john step

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I used the SATNAV NN11 6UP to find it. Its the location of a campsite half a mile from the res. in Boddington Road.
By the way at the moment its at the level of the bottom platform. Probably fill up a bit by Oct.


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Can you put me down for it, i can confirm nearer the date, due to having to go back up north to warrington for more of my fishing tackle.


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I used the SATNAV NN11 6UP to find it. Its the location of a campsite half a mile from the res. in Boddington Road.
Try NN11 6XU, it's the postal address for that road as far as I can see, the boat club use it as theirs.

There is a large white wind turbine just off the road that can be used as a land mark, but beware as there is another on the road to Priors Marston nearby.


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Is it the car park I’ve ringed in red ? I’ve took the map ref off the google map link.

Also why I’m thinking about it how much bait would anyone suggest ? I reckon my normal pint of maggots and a tin of sweetcorn might not be enough on such a big venue!


peter crabtree

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Yes, that is the car park.

Baitwise depends on how you fish it. I usually fish waggler and maggot for the roach, a pint of maggots is usually enough.
I will also take a half pint of casters as a change bait.
We will probably only be fishing 5-6 hours.


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In Last weeks Angling Times it mentions Boddington Res and gives a postcode of NN11 6UD, would it be worth it if we all had a contact phone number to ensure we all meet up at correct part of res,?

peter crabtree

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That postcode is nowhere near. Like I said in my original post- get yourself to Upper Boddington village NN11 6DJ and take the road to Byfield..The car park will be on your right.

I’ll pm you (and anyone else who wants it) my phone number if you want.
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Or if you're approaching from the east use NN11 6XB (Boddington Road Junction with Westhorpe Lane) and just follow the Boddington Road West for about 900m - the car park is on the left.................

john step

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Just over a week to go now.

Any last minute details re time of meet.
Is it definitely no no to bring a keepnet.

As its getting colder and the carp may or may not be a target and the roach maybe a better bet....what do you recommend Simon, tackle wise and bait.