The Columbia Henry's Fork V Fly Vest


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Dec 22, 2004
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Columbia Henry’s Fork V Fly Vest

I have worn this superb vest many times since its receipt some months ago and I’m impressed! Skip the details for a moment: this fly vest in 100% polyester is tough but astonishingly light; I barely knew I was wearing it. Made from a featherweight, stain-repellent, honeycomb fabric and balanced across the shoulders by Columbia’s patented Cushioned Comfort System, the Henry’s Fork V Fly Vest features 12 pockets including a 12” square rear cargo-pocket and a zipped inner-compartment. To the front are both zipped and Velcroed bellows-pockets specifically designed to hold everything from fly-boxes to a flotant bottle plus a retractable rod butt holder. On each side you’ll find a triangular anchor-point for accessories and, on the right, a windowed compartment for permit-display or similar. Front-fastening is by a simple, low-profile thumb-clip. The one and only glitch – for me anyway – was the rather tricky removal of my landing-net from the vest’s rear net-clip, but this may be a net problem rather than a vest problem – or a ‘me’ problem! Perhaps I don’t get enough practice…

Close inspection of the Columbia Henry’s Fork V Fly Vest finds it to be very well made and actually wearing it is a pleasure I can recommend. I can now confidently wade out knowing I have everything I need. It’s available in small – XL and can be purchased on-line for £89.99 through Farlows and other reputable companies.

Go to Columbia Sportswear®| Official E-Store United Kingdom to see the full Columbia range.