The Ideal River Seat Box?


Terry Comerford

Seat boxes, all good designs, some very expensive, some exceptional value for money, but most are designed for a 5 metre walk from the car to a peg on a commercial.
With weight and storage in mind, whats the ideal river match anglers seat box?

Peter Jacobs

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Dec 21, 2001
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Most of the well designed boxes these days have wheel attachments which really do help on those long walks to the end pegs.

I used to use a Boss 6 drawer (would have been an 8 drawer but I'm not that tall) and was always quite happy with it.
With the wheels attached you can place a carryall on top which really does help.
Storage is more than plentyful both in the drawers and in the base, and with the fibre glass base it is totally waterproof.
Despite the square section legs you can fit Octoplus legs to the front of the footplate to accept all of the necessary atttachments.
The only disadvantage probably being the price, but then there are lots of copy-cat models that are cheaper.

Hope this helps.

Terry Comerford

You're right Peter, a trolley is one way to ease the load, and on some of the walks on the Severn they're essential.
What I'm trying to find out is if there's a box that's popular amongst river anglers in particular.
Some of the new designs seem to be on the heavy side, and don't posess that much in the way of storage.
I'm beginning to think that some seat boxes are being designed solely with the commercial carp pool angler in mind.