The mystery of pole floats


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Folks,Looking for help on how to select the best pole float for any particular venue, Is there some general rules for your float selection and if so how Also there are so many different makes and types of poles floats other there which are the best make/range for fishing different baits and venues I just seem to have a mismatch of different floats which makes selecting a float confusing If the truth be told the floats probably caught my eye more and me selecting them for particular applications/forum/smilies/embarassed_smiley.gif

Big Bazza

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Fish are you river or lake fishing?For the sake of it I will assume that you are lake fishing well for me there only a few types I use the Preston Colours range are extremely versatile and I also use the BIG H paste floats this summer and these are the dogs sphericals. Depth and type are easily related 0.1g = 1 foot of water so 0.5g = 5 feet. If there is no tow try dead depth or laying on an inch or so. That is were I start anyway. Shotting patterns keep it simple, shirt button number 8's and 9's or bulk them to within a few inches of the hook if they are having it.

Remember though it is important that you dot the float down to the smallest possible that YOU can see as I find that you hit alot more and tend to fould hook less.

Rugby ball shapes are pretty good or an upturned tear shape for lakes. As I say if it is general lake then the new Preston Colours are great.

Cheers Bazza