The NEW Okuma 2020 Nesika Surf Rods-Reviewed! (Part#1)

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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This is Part#1 dealing with the specifications of Okuma's NEW Nesika Surf Rod for 2020, look below for the continued link for Part#2 which is about testing the Nesika in the field for spin & bait casting applications using the Blue Azores 4K & 6K Spinning Reel.

The Nesika 2pc 24-ton lightweight Surf Rod incorporates the same blank as the Rockaway Surf Rods. The Rockaways were engineered for the Oregon Surf Casters targeting Sea Perch. But for Hawaii the Rocks turned out to be one of the best Whipping (Spin Casting) rods for the day & night shoreline anglers. So it stands to reason the new Nesika will to. Right?

So what are the differences? On the Nesikas theres no Fuji K-Guides for braid though it still incorporates zirconium inserts. The guides are double footed SS deep pressed design. The handle has a split configuration that makes it lighter & better balanced. Also the Nesikas have Eva Grips over the Rockaway's shrink wrap.

The biggest difference is the MSRPs. $75-85. So i thought i'd put the Nesikas through the ropes testing it in Hawaii. First i'll go Whipping "Spin Casting" using hand-tied flies in a salt water Bay. Then Dunking "Bait Casting" to see how it fares. So in this video (Part#1) i'm going to review the statistics of the Nesikas. In Part#2 i'm taking the Nesikas out in the field to see how it handles. My main areas of concern is if the rod feels "balanced" using the Blue Azores Spinning Reels & if not having the K-Guides will create wind knots using braid if i cast into the wind.