The "Not So" Secret Bait in Hawai'i!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Your Bait Matters! So Choose Widely!

I'm guilty of taking the easy road most of the time. I don't hunt for O'pae (fresh/brackish water shrimp the day before) to collecting Opihi's or Blennies like i used to. I was more Gung Ho when i was younger. I hustled back then & i caught the fish, well most of the time. I'm beginning to see & feel fishing for the way it should be viewed as. Relaxation.

Catching the fish should be the bonus. If i C&R "Catch & Release" or CPR "Catch/Picture/Release" i should enjoy myself. But now i have a new challenge. Educating those that are beginning to fish for them selfs. So i'm sharing another choice of baits that i haven't used in awhile. The Hawaiian Opihi. Otherwise known by its vernacular name Limpets.

When i lived on Kauai there were very few places to buy bait at the last minute in Koloa. So i used 5gal buckets to catch "A'ama" Rock Crabs, netting Blennies & Tilapia from the streams to shucking Opihi's. On Oahu there's not to many decent Opihi spots left so i'm forced to purchase what i need. Just wanted to share this to the newer generation of anglers who scrimp & saved to purchase their fishing equipment. The selections today is endless compared to what was available in the 70's. But back then it was AFFORDABLE as compared to the prices now.

(What most refer to as "Black Foot" is really dark cream to brown- Cellana exalta & the "Yellow Foot" is Cellana sandwicensis. The GIANT is known as Cellana talcosa. All 3 species are only found in Hawaii. But Limpets are Worldwide so different species do occur in other regions. So go try shuck s limpet and give it a try).



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