The Okuma Tesoro TSR-12S Star Drag Reel!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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The Okuma Tesoro TSR-12S Star Drag Reel!

The Tesoro Reel is a long casting shoreline reel & powerful jigging conventional as well. This high end star drag reel can handle large shoreline species & won't cost a bundle compared to other big name fishing companies. Basically the Tesoro is built like a Makaira Lever Reel but just in a star drag housing. Largest of the current Tesoro series of 3 (the others being the 5S & the 10S).

Holds 475yds of 65lb braid.
Gear ratio of 6.2:1.
4BB & 1RB.
Weight 19.2oz.
46" line retrieval per crank.
22lb max drag (thumb the side spool if needed on huge runs).
Currently no left hand models.

1) Machined 1pc aluminum frame, side plate & spool.
2) Aluminum star stepped star drag increments.
3) The main & pinion gears are SS, as well as the helical cut gears.
4) Carbonite drag system w/Cal's drag grease.
5) Self lubricating gear system (would recommend yearly servicing for
heavy usage by sending to your nearest Okuma service center).
6) SLG - Speed Lock Pinion Gear
"Positive gearing at high speed @ +50mph spurts (wahoo, tuna,
mahi can generate burst of speed this high when initially hooked).
Means solid hook-ups!
7) XL gearing with large oversized drop down gear box for more
torque & power!
8) CRC - Corrosion Resistant Coating from the elements.
9) Ergo XL grip handle (better grip when wet or covered in slimy bait).
10) Dual anti-reverse.
11) 4-Drainage ports.
12) 3yr Limited Warranty @ Okuma Fishing Tackle The Point Of Connection | OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD..

Levers maybe popular but there is a increasing demand for high end star drag reels for casting & jigging. I chose Okuma for my new fishing rod & reel needs for their innovative technical advances and non-overpriced equipment.