The Orient, France


Neil Gaffan (Gaff)

just got back from a commercial water in france, had a great time, smashed the lake to pieces, me and my mate caught 62 fish in 6days (and we reeled in most nights) 9 40Ib+ fish (47Ib mirror, 46.5Ib common) 46 30Ib fish and the rest were 20Ibers!!! we have decided thatwe want a challenge and an adventure next year and facy a go at 'Bulldozer' the 68Ib mirror from the 'Orient'. has anyone fished there? cause we are going to need as much info as we can get to attack this monster lake!


Bulldozer! a Mirror?????????????
don't tell the half of Europe trying to do their P.B. Common, or the other half who think the Bulldozer IS their P.B. Common.
Bon Champs

Philip Inzani

The Orient lost a lot of fish at a major vidrange a while back (they part empty it) and the stock now is very different to what it was before. There are still some very big Carp in there including the Bulldozer (unless someones nicked it recently) but there are loads of little ones as well now. Unless you want to take your chances hiding from the Guard de peche then you will have have to fish in the legal night zones the usual tactics being the bivvy and boat it to the horizen approach. The Bulldozer is rebowened for coming out of certain swims which as you can imagine are always occupied.
I dont want to appear like a prophet of doom but succsess on a commercial venue and success on a lake like that are very different things but I wish you all the could be the first English man to land it.

Neil (Gaff) Gaffan

thanks for the advice, the way we (cause teres going to be three of us attacking the water) are going to quantify success is that any fish from a water like that is a good fish.

we called in to the Orient on our way home last saturday and spoke to some dutch anglers who work for AQUA Products and they gave us some good tips.

sorry about the cock up with 'bulldozer the mirror' i meant JCB the mirror :))