the wallace wizard


hi every body, just found a wizard,painted or stained black with green silks under the black coat,the label is a narrow green spiral with the words,the wallace wizard in gold,nickle silver butt and tip rings.i would like to restore it as original as possible,any help as to age,matierials needed,ect.many thanks geoff.

the indifferent crucian

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Actually it should read Wallis, not Wallace, Wizard..... There were some early ones that said Wallis Wizard, hence my question. It is rumoured that Hardy, to whom FWK Wallis was signed up, made Allcocks change the label. Nevertheless Allcocks continued to call the rod Wallis Wizard in its catalogues right up to when they stopped making them in 1967.

There were plenty of Wizards painted black, though most have been stripped to bare cane and re-built un-painted.

If yours says Wallace it's a ringer...if it says Wallis it might be one of the very first. In which case it might be rather valuable. Rods are worth more when unrestored.....if work needs doing it would have to be to a very high standard not to reduce the value.

I'd contact a reputable restorer, such as Paul Cook or Steve Boncey to get an honest appraisal of what you have.
Does it look like this...only black...?????...

The very bottom picture...

If so it is around 1936, I'd guess

Let us see some piccies !
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re wallis wizard

many thanks for your reply reguarding this wizard i have found,it does say, the wallis wizard. i have many gold oval wizards,but have never seen one quite like this one.its perfectly straight,ferrules ok,rings all rusty.the legs of the rings fix to the sides of the sections,they look like a safety pin eye.any info on how to apply a new black coat,not sure if its varnish or a black wax coating.can afford to spend some money on it,as i only paid £25 for it.
many thanks,

the indifferent crucian

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Well it sounds like you have an original 30's rod. Those rings are impossible to find, but a guy in Blackburn made his own last year. I don't know about the make-up of the laquer, and you can bet it isn't available anymore, 80 years later. I think you will just have to experiment with a varnish and paint blend of your own concoction....on a bit of garden centre cane.

The picture I linked to is of a Super Wizard, even though they weren't labeled as such, with all lined rings, the Wallis Wizard would have had plain un-lined rings, but I don't know what type. I think yours are original..might they be sound enough to have re-plated ?

Even as it is I would think your rod worth nearly ten times what you paid for it on a good day.

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There's a 1940's cane rod on Ebay at the moment with a set of rings like that. Might be worth a punt to get the rings - I'll buy the blank off you if you like!

My strong advice is not to touch the Wizard at all. As IC says talk to an expert before doing anything as you migh end up regretting it.