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jamie varcoe

i am 12 and im getting a pole i was wondering if you guys could tell me a good make and good size for me as i said ive im 12 and fished a whip an i was also wondering if any 1 could give me some tips on pole fishing

William Spencer

jamie first off what budget are you looking at?
i understand that you are only twelve so obviously price could be a problem.shakespeare do the zeta pole which is 11 metres comes with a spare top 3.priced around ?90.if you have a bit more money mavers poles are spot on.i have three of them.
as for advice you should have a good idea of presentation with you having a whip,just shorten the line from pole tip to float so that you have a short amount of line,so,when you get bites by striking quickly with a shorter line you'll hit more fish.
as for elastic and mainlines and rigs this would be easier to advise if i knew what sort of fish you are after.
buy yourself a couple of clip on pole cups to ensure feed goes on top of your swim and not haphazardly as when you throw or catapult bait out.
have a look at a pole roller for when you play the pole backwards when landing fish.
if possible make up your own rigs rather than buying ready made,it's more fun and more economical in the long run,plus if you buy a rig that's ready made and you lose a fish on it it's someone elses fault not yours.if you make a rig and the hooklink snaps you swear and tie on another.
have you got a seatbox?polefishing is easiest on a box,you have to sit upright for quite a while whilst pole fishing.if you can get in your local tackle shop and tell the owner how much you've got and what you require.most tackle shop owners will throw a good bit of kit together and are only glad to help.before you buy a pole though,ask to sit on a box with your chosen pole at full length and see how it feels,don't buy a pole or any other item of tackle that you feel uncomfortable with.if it don't feel right leave it.don't think that you have to buy it.when you find one that is really comfortable ask how many top kits come with the first pole was the shakespeare bungee extreme that came with 3 spare top kits.the more spares that you get with a pole is another good indicator of a quality pole.sorry i can't be of more help at this point,if you email me direct about what venues you will be fishing,i will give you a few pointers on what rigs to use.good luck.

daniel pearce

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Dec 27, 2002
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you should get a life once in a while u need 2 learn the basics before u get a pole like dont strike into ure mates rod and let ure friends get the fish by hand.
Jul 11, 2003
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Hi Jamie my only concern is the weight of the poles and the longer they get the heavier they are.
My only advice at the moment is a vist to your local tackle dealer and ask him to show you some poles fully built up so you get an idea of what you can handle. If you find them to heavy than maybe a short margin pole might be better for you.

Nick King

jamie,any good tackle dealer should be able to point you in the right direction.i dont know where you live or fish but perhaps you and your mum or dad could approach an angler who is using a pole for some perhaps friendly advice on how they should be used etc and costs and exactly what you should be looking out never know you might even be able to have a go your self..if you approach folk in a nice friendly manner etc they will generally be friendly and polite in return.but i would advise to have a parent or guardian with you.i`ve had kids who are genuinely intrested ask me questions etc and i`m always willing to help if i can.if i could perhaps reccomend a starter pole for say carp........badger do a good margin pole called the "targa"(7 mtr)for about ?23you dont have to fish at 11 mtrs plus to catch fish....middy do a good pole for carping called "the works"if you hunt around you should find one for around the ?100 pound mark with spare tops and some freebies......good luck