This Week's User Review Competition Winners!


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Wow i won second prize! /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif

Thank you to FishingMagic and Sonu Baits, i received my prize this morning. I will hopfully be going fishing in the morning, so i will get to try out the Skinz feed pellets for the first time.

j k1

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Gav, i am with you on that one. I have sent my e-mail thanks but good to air it here as well. A massive thankyou to Fishmagic and Sonu Baits from myself, for all the bait they have sent me. I think it's a great thing to get genuine views on tackle by everyday anglers and not just the companies, add to this the chance of winning some bait everyones a winner! j


Yes never mind Monk. There's also the lottery, as you,ve got a better chance there?/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif


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<blockquote class=quoteheader>The Monk, wrote (see)</blockquote><blockquote class=quote>I`ve not won anything again, I`m sick of this!</blockquote>
Don't send Denise/Alex a valentine card. I've cancelled the two dozen roses I was going to give her.


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Gavin they're good stuff, I had some nice fish on mine /forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif I was well chuffed whenI won some bait. lasted me a while but when I came to buy some my local tackle shop had stopped stocking the skinz range, only doing the hali hookers etc now.

Robert Woods

I've not won anything you think if I posted a review I would stand a better chance.../forum/smilies/embarassed_smiley.gif.


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<blockquote class=quoteheader>Robert Woods wrote (see)</blockquote><blockquote class=quote>I've not won anything you think if I posted a review I would stand a better chance.../forum/smilies/embarassed_smiley.gif.</blockquote>