thorney weir


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Jan 23, 2011
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you can fish both lakes and river on a day ticket now from this season, not my cup of tea, all to their own i say!

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Does it get busy ?
yes!, like farlows these days!:eek:

Paul Boote

Nov 2, 2004
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Day tickets, eh? I use to do a Mark "The Piddle" Wintle on it right under the noses of the Metropolitan Police when I was a kid! Had some of my very first barbel from the river there.* Understand that it holds some good fish nowadays, but I've not been near it in nearly thirty years. Bet it will be busy now, having gone D.T..

* These came in my early to mid teens and were not guested. My Dad being a local bigwig knew all the top-ranking police officers in the area - Rotary lunches and dinners, fundraisers, fetes and all that malarkey. I was given a special ticket signed by some eye-wateringly high-up gent in the force. They even turned a blind eye to my having no Car Tax at the age of 18 when I turned up once to fish!

PS - Further memory dredge. The Met Police fishers drank in a pub that I had known well since I was a very small child, The North Star, a place I was forever pestering my parents to take me to (and into briefly on the landlord's say-so) on account of its incredible collection of cased fish (long since gone). Fantastic fish - taken in the 19th and early 20th century, all from the local rivers and lakes. The nearby Tower Arms Hotel was really posh back then, on account of Iver still being posh, and many a Police, local Council and major local company Dinner was held there; I can remember my mother, who was a looker, leaving our home with Dad, dressed to the nines and looking sensational, on their way to a number of them, leaving me with the babysitter. Long ago and far away.
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