Trout @ Bewl


Ralph Abbott

A a keen coarse fisherman I have been asked to a days fishing on Bewl Kent

Have been practising casting with brothers gear and now bought myself 9 foot trout rod & reel.

The question is what line do I need, floating ,sinking And has anyone got any ideas for flys & technique.

Thanks in advance

Fergal Scully

Hi ralph, I don't fish in england myself but I would imagine at this time of the year buzzers and small dries would work on a floating line. Also booby's on hi density sinking lines. I know its a rival site but you can get info from where you can view past trout week articles which are usually based on these type of resevoirs.

Paul Davey

Ralph you will want a floating line , a intermediate and fast sink. The trouble with Bewl is you never know what depth the fish will be feeding at. I would start with the intermediate line and after an hour if ive had no luck i would try one of the others. As for flys the GH fritze Damsel has been a good fly for me this year followed by the Coral or Orange Booby. Then your Buzzers and run of the mill Nymphs. I hope this has helped you but I warn you Bewl can be very hard this time of the year.
Good luck.