TV Ratings Hit Inspires a Nation of River Conservationists

Stealph Viper

Well-known member
A positive outcome for the Rivers in England and Wales.

I have never watched the Programme, i don't watch Television much.

Let's hope the Government deliver in securing the future of our Rivers, and a big Thanks to all the Volunteers involved.

Graham Whatmore

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The media is a very powerful tool in highlighting the environment, rivers in this case but do you know what? Give it 6 months and the present 'concerned bodies' will have lost interest in the subject, if they were really interested it wouldn't take a TV programme to arouse them. If it isn't constantly in their face the general public show almost no concern whatsoever for what goes on around them, they react only when things go wrong which, in the case of our lifegiving rivers, might well be too late to do anything about when it really goes wrong.