Twynersh Complex - Chertsey


Aug 30, 2016
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I was at Twynersh on Saturday afternoon for 6 hours. I haven't been there in about 7 years. On arrival its still pretty much the same. The guy I bought the day ticket from was very chatty and friendly.

I wanted to fish pit one. But every peg was full and I was slightly gutted. In the past I have had some of my best fish out on that lake. So I had a walk around pit two.

This is a fairly large lake, maybe an acre in size, with an island in the middle. On the far side (opposite the car park) of the island was a lot of lily beds. Most the decent looking pegs were gone on this swim too. However, I picked a small peg tucked away at the back of the lake.

At first I could see why this peg was empty with a hell of a lot of tree root growing right in front of the swim. There was a lot of snags at my feet but I thought I would still give it a go anyway.

From this swim the island is about twenty five to thirty feet away. There are a lot of trees overhanging from the island. So lots to get snagged in and lots of cover for the fish.

I chucked out a basic feeder rig on one rod and a waggler set up on the other. Within ten minutes I had a bite on the feeder. Within seconds of striking this I had a massive take on the waggler. This was how it went on all day.

In total I had the following:

1 x mirror carp 5lb
8 x hybrids all under 1lb
1 x perch 1lb
4 x roach all under 1lb

Towards the end of the day I changed the the feeder rig to a very light set up on a quiver tip. On this I landed a few very small roach. Then there was a massive take on the line. Whatever it was took the line deep and I was having a serious struggle to handle it. After five or six minutes of struggling with it the line finally gave in and snapped. Not sure what it was. I saw it turn on the surface briefly and want to say it was a big carp but cant be sure.

I left just before 7PM when it closes to non members. As I walked around the pit back to the car park I noticed that other anglers had left a shed load of tackle and kit. There was discarded line all over one peg. A rip landing net was dumped in a bush. I was disgusted others would leave the venue like this.

I have always rated this fishery and I am glad I have gone back to it after that hiatus. Top tips for others though:

1. Get there early if you want a particular lake
2. Engage with the staff as they are friendly - even gave my mate a discount on his day ticket because the numpty broke his ankle and can hardly walk!
3. There are huge waste bins in the car park - take your rubbish with you
4. The baits I have used that seem to work well are white boillie with pop up, maggot over a bed of groundbait, chopped worm and caster

All in all a good day!