Upper Dorset Stour

Oct 3, 2018
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Blandford Forum
The fishing around Blandford forum certainly improved for the recent rain. Two guys fishing the weir-pool in the town on the free stretch caught a nice bag of dace, roach, perch and chub with about 60 fish in two hours weighing in around 12lb, I bumped into a friend on the bank at the Crown meadows yesterday who had six pike in a short session the fish ranged from 5lb to 15lb 4oz all the fish fell to herring fished on a paternoster and were caught on the top section close to the Bryanston weir, I myself had a nice Bream around 6lb on Friday during a short session at dusk and have witnessed some big Perch being caught, over a period of a few days Anthony Ferry had 6-8 2lb+ Perch the best of which was 3lb 4oz all were caught in the mornings and fell to a live minnow as bait again these were caught on the Crown meadows stretch adjacent to the town, this time in the first field. Day Tickets and Full licences are easily available from the town tackle shop Conyers and i am more than happy to give up to date information on river conditions to anyone wishing to visit. Other areas such as Nutford continue to give healthy mixed catches with some nice Roach falling to both hemp and corn but maggots and casters continue to be the best all round bait. I plan a trip up to Shillingstone next week on the exchange book system in search of a big Perch or two so hopefully with the forecast rain i should stand a fair chance of success if temperatures don't drop to much in the meantime.