Used My Tesoro12 Conventional Reel & Solaris 12' Surf Casting Rod!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Used My Tesoro12 Conventional Reel & Solaris 12' Surf Casting Rod!

This was a bad day weather wise. High winds to curtains of rain. That former hurricane passing South & the new front approaching made this a miserable day. I used 2 rigs today. This was my lighter inside rig that i received from Jeff Robles Associates for my review. For bait I used a frozen crab with a 2/0 Mustad ringed hook on a 40lb Fuoro-Stretch leader by Soft Steel.

I noticed some unusual rod tip movement so decided to check my line. Turned out to be a fish that i only catch by whipping small grubs. Omaka. A Yellowtail Scad. Found within bays & harbors. But this was a big one for the species. When i held the leader the hook must've hit a vital area as the fish died. No problem as i'll salt & freeze it when i get home. Bait for my next outing.

The reason i dug out my Solaris was because the Okuma Booth at ICAST at Orlando was showcasing the NEW Solaris Surf Rod this week. The one i'm using has the original IM6 blank rated at 4-8oz. The new model is also available in 12' but the blank is the same Okuma blank used on the Rockaway 12' HD Surf Rod. Rated for an impressive 6-16oz!



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