Using a centrepin

Daniel Matley

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As a relatively new owner of a centrepin (since xmas) I have so far only used it with light mono lines for chub and grayling fishing at the back end of last season.

I intend to use it for for the occassional bit of trotting for barbel this year as and when the opportunity presents itself.

I have heard that braid is a popular choice for this type of fishing and I know of all of the benifits of braid but my question is do you fish it in conjunction with a mono hook length or direct to the hook.

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but if you don't ask then you will never know.


eric walker

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personally danny i now dont fish the centre pin but i do trot with braid and i do use it straight through on aoccasions if i m fishing nea\r a snag but i also use a power float rod

Neneman Nick

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a while ago i emailed steve pope at the barbel society regarding his article in coarse fisherman magazine,where he was using a pin for barbel fishing.
granted he was ledgering as opposed to trotting but he sent me a nice reply telling me all about how he uses pins for barbel fishing.
i`m sure he will be able to point you in the right direction or even one of his colleagues???

Tony Rocca

Mono straight through on the pin for me but I know some who use braid.

I like a bit of give.

Fred Bonney

Somewhere from the dark receces of my mind,isn't a mono link to braid, a bit iffy?
I think, because the braid has little or no give,on the strike, there is a possibility of a snapoff.
Whereas a braid hooklength to mono is more secure.
Or,vicky verky,oh, I don't know,I usually fish straight through!!!

Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA)

Why fish braid?

I would agree with Tony that bit of give is useful to avoid pulls especially when using smallish hooks with maggots and casters as hookbait.

I can see it has uses in long trotting for grayling for example but most barbel will be contacted at much closer range surely?

I would go for Silstar Match Team either 6.6 or 7.9 straight through.As much as possible I try and avoid any weak spots in the set up and this would include either swivels or loop knots to attach hooklengths.

Lee Fletcher 1

Dear Daniel,

Fred is about right concerning braid to mono hook lengths.

For trotting you can employ a braided line but its got to be one of the specialised ones that actually float and here you must beware because many claim to float but fall way short of the mark. There are a few that do float and my preferrence for a floating braid would always be "Herculine Micro by Sufix from America.

Apart from its increadible floating capability here's an example of what to expect from it;

The mono lines I use for float fishing either with a "Stanton" or fixed spool are "Super Shinobi" by Daiwa at 10lbs test coming off the spool at 0.235mm or "Trilene" by Berkley at 6lb test coming off the spool at 0.23mm. Herculine in a hefty 12lbs test comes off the spool at a very low diameter of 0.20mm!! In the lower tests Hurculine is increadibly thin and all breaking strains float cast after cast.

Herculine isn't easy to get hold of over here so if you track down a tackle shop that sells it buy it in 1000mtr spools.

Ray Wood put me on to this stuff originally.




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i have braid on one of my akuma pro's (8lb) which is very thin ~1-2lb mono i use power pro braid (moss green) which is a very good floating braid,i do use a mono hooklink with mine which i connect them with a loop-2-loop connection,i've not had any problems so far,although i do some anglers who use a short length of pole elastic tied inbetween the braid and mono hooklinks and its surposed to help stop bumping/pulling out of fish (like grayling) i might give it a go this season on my other okuma pro in conjunction with 20lb power pro braid and see how it goes.

alex laurie

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I can see why braid is good in certain circumstances on a fixed spool for ledgering (better bite indication, cuts through weed).

Why would you use it for trotting in preference to mono?

Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA)

Very useful when long trotting for winter grayling when you are trotting up to 50 yards or more as the lack of stretch means that you can control the float and hit bites easier but for general trotting I see no advantage.

blankety blank

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The other great advanage of braid on a centrepin is that you can use a side cast.

It is difficult to describe, but you use a finger to lift the line off the side of the reel and away from the rim. when you cast, the line spills off the reel, a bit like it does on a fixed spool reel. the problem with it is that it causes a lot of line twist when done with mono, but with braid there is no real problem.

Obviously unlikely to be an issue if you are just using the pin for trotting, or if you can learn the Wallis cast.

One of the great joys of owning a pin is learning to Wallis. It took my many hours of practice in the back garden before I had a servicable Wallis cast, but it is a skill well worth learning, because (1)it looks cool, (2) It is amazingly accurate and (3)it comes in very handy when you have a restricted backcast.

Graham Whatmore

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There used to be a video on this site with a guy demonstrating the Wallis cast, I wonder what happened to it, did you take it off Graham?


Quality. I watched Alan do this when the video was done. I was stunned just how far he could cast!

I wouldn't say trying to learn this is a joy though!

PS - where is Mr Roe these days?


I hooked six barbel in tight swims from under the rod top on Monday, all with a centerpin loaded with 10lb mono. Real fishing and great fun.

Bobby Smiff

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HI, can anyone help me with this silly problem? I have both the John Wilson Quiver and the John Wilson signature barbel system rods, but can not find out the test curves for the Avon Barbel tips. They come in Red/Yellow/Green but are not marked with their test curves.
The Avon Quiver system, I have found and are listed on some tackle site as
Red = 1.5oz
Yellow = 2.0oz
Green = 2.5oz
The Barbel system tips are the same colours.


Bobby - why are you making this post/question on this thread??

You will be better off creating a new post as it has absolutely nothing to do with this thread.......

Bobby Smiff

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Sorry Bully, I did'nt mean to post this thread here. it is the first one I have done and thanks to your email I realised that I had posted on an open thread. Once again big sorry to all.
Ps. I have now posted a new thread for myself.
Many Thanks Bobby