using plasticene for ledgers

hi does anyone have experience of using plastercine as a weight and if so what was there thoughts please. not allowed to use any shot even lead free on s still water close to me and the thought of using 1.1oz for lift method isn’t good . trevor

sam vimes

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Highly unusual for a water to ban all forms of shot, but there are ways and means without resorting to plasticine.
Olivettes definitely aren't shot. If you buy the type that are secured with silicone tubing, there's no need to involve shot at all.

iain t

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Seems very strange to ban all shot. So i take it that no one float fishes there. Have used Plasticine as a weight many, many a year ago before the invention of ollivets or putty as a bulk weight. It works to a degree but does fall off or slide down the line. Can contain harmfull chemicals including Petrolem and other chemicals. Ingrediants may have changed since the 70s. These days i would use ollivets as a way to hold a float. Ledging wise just use a sliding weight to a quick change link.

Are you sure the ban isn't for shot weighing over so and so amount?

sam vimes

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when i say no shot ishould have said nothing between one bigger than dust and no ledger smaller than 1.1 oz , didn’t know about tungsten putty .thanks for help
I'd be seeking to clarify the rule first. It sounds suspiciously like a dubious interpretation on the law regarding the use of lead shot and lead leger weights. Lead is still legal for shot of size 8 and smaller, but anything bigger must be made from a non-toxic lead free alternative.

The bad one

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If using tungsten putty put the smallest plastic ledger stops you can get on and mould the putty around them. TP has a tendency to slide down the line if its got nothing to grip to.


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I used tungsten putty last time out on the river when stalking carp and chub. It allowed me to go from fishing bread on the surface to fishing suspended off the bottom in a matter of seconds, not something I can do with shot with my less than nimble fingers. No weak points on the line either.


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I always have a small bit of plasticine in my lead bag for just in case situations although I have tended to use it more as extra weight on things like feeders rather than a weight on its own. Not sure I would try and use it as a shot substitute as it would be fiddley & a pain to keep on.

Ray Walton was one of the first I heard of that used it as a replacement for large shot on his rolling meat rigs way back when.

One thing I have noticed about it - dont be surprised if you get false will eat it.

peter crabtree

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I'm surprised nobody has expressed concern for any fish or other animal which ingested a piece of plasticine,could suffer or die as a result.

thames mudlarker

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I used to use plasticine moulded around small ledger stops as it'd have a tendency to wanna slip down the line, tungsten putty can also be used but is damm expensive and just isn't really necessary when plasticine is just as good, however nowadays I'm inclined to agree with Sam Vimes that the easiest and probably most affective to use is the use of ollivet's, very simple and easy to use :thumbs:
I've used plasticine when fishing snaggy swims to avoid loosing loads of (expensive) swan shot. It works well if you have something to attach it to. The only problem is to get any real weight you need quite a large amount which gives more of a disturbance when it lands on the water compared to a ledger weight/swan shot.. so making it more likely to spook the fish.

According to Wicki Plasticine, a brand of modelling clay, is a putty-like modelling material made from calcium salts, petroleum jelly and aliphatic acids. The fact that we allow kids to play with it shows its fairly harmless.


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Sounds like someones made a mistake. If they haven't the it depends on what your fishing for. If its tench or larger types of fish then i'd freeline, leger or float leger, failing that i'd go elsewhere.
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If its leger weights you want why not make your own by using a pebble? lots of information on you tube on how to go about it.
thanks for all your comments, looked at tungsten putty but bloody hell £5 for half a ounce. pleased other people use a bit of plastercine and around a ledger stop it works well . trevor