VIDPRO! My LED GoPro Video Light!

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Jan 25, 2018
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Vidpro For Night Usage! One of Several Units I Use For Shooting at Night!

The Vidpro family of LED lights for GoPro & other action cameras are inexpensive but dependable. I use my larger units for daytime shootings in covered areas. The LED-M52 unit are perfect for GoPro & all types of Action Cameras. Been using these since 2014. I already had the M52 but decided to get a back-up. Here are the stats-

# 52 LEDs on 4 power settings @ 25%/50%/75%/100%.
# Built-in Lithium Battery. Lasts 2hr at full power continuously on.
# Daytime balanced @ 5600K output (color temp rating).
# Includes mounting hardware for GoPros, action cameras, camcorders & cell phones.
# IP65 water resistant housing (survived night rains sine 2014).
# 2 integrated 1/4in 20-thread tripod sockets allowing horizontal and vertical mounting.
# Beam angle 60° wide.
# Power 3.7v 700mAh.
# Weight 1.6oz.
# Size 7.5W x 2.8H x 2.8D in cm.
# Comes with a 1yr Limited Warranty.

In the video i used my original model from 2014 for the night light demonstration. It hasn't been charged for over 2yr but still lit up the area. After a full charging the light is very intense. I normally shoot my subjects within 5ft at the 1st Setting & 7ft the 2nd or 3rd Setting. You normally wouldn't shoot past 10ft & i've never used the 4th Setting. Ever. Also the GoPro was not in night mode so the resolution was dark due to the low power used & i had it on the wrong setting.



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