walcot hall east lake

Walked around this lake earlier today having read info from the past saying there was a good head of bream and tench and a few old big carp, the whole lake was coverd in weed there was some clear spots bit still very weeded at the bottom, i scared a few fish im pretty sure they was pike, any info would be appreciated, i wonder if there is any fish still in there, and by the amount of natural baits in the water there would be a fair few specimens, looks like it hasnt been fished in over a year do you think its worth a rake? Thanks for reading


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ive never fished the east lake but i have fished the west,had a lot of large tench and some cracking roach,you can get a day ticket from the post office just up the road from the pub.
Stone arch fisheries run it now ive emailed them but had no reply had a walk down saw a few big carp and pike no weed compared to east lake