weir pool fishing


jeff launder

hello fishers
I fancy a go at weir pool fishing on my local river.But dont know the best way to tackle it baits ,hooks,lines rigs etc.I have a good quiver tip rod (john wilson)The pool contains some good chub,roach,perch and game fish

Gerry Castles

Jeff I am also interested in weirpools, but unfortunately it's a big subject depending upon the species you want to catch and the type of weirpool you want to fish and I can't give you one single source of information. However if you type 'weirpool fishing' into your browser, preferably if you have it (if you haven't-go get it now !), you'll find a whole pile of links to advice on fishing weirpools for a number of different species including perhaps one on barbel fishing in weirpools by no less a star than our illustrious leader Mr Marsden.


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Feb 23, 1999
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<a href=>Here's the weirpool article. Hope it helps</a>

William Spencer

jeff depending on the power of the flow your jw quiver might not suffice.i'm not badmouthing your tackle as i have two.if it is really powerful you may want to step up to a heavy feeder rod,a big cranking reel,depending on fish i'd suggest 6lb mainline with a 4lb trace,hemp and caster in a blockend feeder on a loop rig.for the first twenty minutes or so chuck out the feeder every twenty seconds to get a good bed of bait down.try luncheon meat on your hook.if you do fish with your jw quiver try a simple fixed paternoster,size 8 hook,6lb line.bait wise try luncheon meat or this cheese mix recomended by a certain mr marsden.break down in a bowl a pound of cheddar,add some grated parmesan and put in a microwave.time will vary but you just need to melt it.when melted add four generous tablespoons of crushed hemp and stir well.leave to go cold but not in the fridge.ould a nice big piece around your hook and you should be in for some cracking chub/barbel sport