Wendy Turner Webster & Peta


Phil Hackett

I make no apologies for blagging this from another site. The author was Simon Newbold. The story is self-explanatory, Peta are using their celebrities to have a go.

If you care about your right to fish, I suggest you visit C4 feedback forum at www.channel4.com/c4info/index_r4.html
and lodge your disgust that someone who support this extremist organisation is presenting a pets programme. Remember, this organisation is that extreme that it thinks that people shouldn't even keep pets of any kind.

Hi all,
Looks like a campaign is starting... Page 27 of today's Daily Express:-


"Pet Rescue presenter Wendy Turner Webster is appealing to Boy Scouts to stop fishing. The animal lover has written to the Duke of Kent in his cpacity of President of the Scout Association, asking him to "retire the Scouts' Angler Proficiency badge" on the grounds of cruelty.

Writing on behalf of the organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), vegan Wendy,33, informs the Duke that killing fish is inconsistent with the Scouts' wholesome reputation and "setting out to attack animals.... is not in keeping with the image of Scouting".

Appealing to his traditional side, Wendy, who presents the Channel 4 animal rescue show, refers to the Scout Law that dictates "A Scout understands there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. He does not hurt or kill harmless things without reason". The letter appeals to the Duke to "put the violent pastime of fishing behind us and teach children to respect rather than kill wildlife".

In support of her letter PETA's spokesman Toni Vernelli says: " Scouts are supposed to be compassionate role models, not bloodthirsty fish killers"

Wendy has proposed the Angling badge be replaced by The Waterway Clean-up badge with the bob-a-jobbers clearing fishing debris from rivers, ponds and lakes, thus providing the Scouts with a "justified sense of accomplishment and civic pride".

Wendy, younger sister of fellow TV presenter Anthea and wife of former minder star Gary Webster, is a strong supporter of PETA. In February she was among a host of celebrities such as Joely Richardson and Dame Judi Dench who designed heart shaped cards campaigning for the better treatment of animals.

The Duke of Kent has so far not responded to Wendy's epistle"

So, there you go - anyone any good at writing letters?


Leon Foreman

I have picked up on this story yesterday and it seems that Channel 4 is set on deleting any string on their forum pertaining to this. I have checked and re-checked and as soon as anyone starts a string with this as subject it gets deleted. Long live democracy and freedom of speach

Pete Evison

It is absolute rubbish!! what these people seem to forget is that our fishing clubs and not to mention our anual rod licence fees all contribute to cleaning stocking and conserving our waterways! Without fishing clubs and fishermen there probably would not be as many waterways as there are today let alone fish!! There is much more important things for this women to waste her time with surely?

Rob Brownfield

Well well...it would appear that any reference to pet rescue or Wendy Turner is automatically being filtered out!!!...Strange huh?

john roche

What made you believe that a private media company was either concerned with or need to support or practice democracy? As long as they are able to sell advertising space and be controvesial to gain more viewers and by inference charge more for their advertising time with enhanced fees is all they are concerned with. When they went for Foxhunting the writing was on the wall then. These extreme animal lovers are quite prepared to be anarchists. They will never stop until we are all eating vegetables or fallen fruit. They are all a bit 'strange'. Long live rare steaks just wipe its a**e and serve it up!!