Wey Barbel


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Going out next weekend for a bash, will be on a Woking AC ticket but not sure where yet. Anyone else trying for them this Summer?

Anyone seen the Wey? What's the flow/levels like at the moment? Hoping its got a good flow.


Chris Bishop

Would doubt that in view of fact Thames Water are applying for a drought order.

Matty C

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Jimbo.. My local river is the wey.. Im in Guildford.. Here it is called the wey navigation.. I know about if the send stretch is navagable aswell though.. if its anything like Guildford though, the water is about 7 or 8 feet deep.. quite a slow current.. that "normal" olivey green kinda colour to look at, although quite clear on the shallower gravelly spots.. the water is looking about the same as this time last year, which is ok I guess.. but with any luck, if they call a drout, theyll have to close the locks thus stopping the boats, which will be a god send..

let us know how you get on, or if you need any more help finding stuff out..


Jason Speck 2

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The Mole is more or less in the same catchment area,as the Wey.
It's below summer levels IMO.Still some colour in the water after the rain in May.
But I feel water has been abstracted already.It does not bode well at all.
Sorry to be the harbinger of doom.

Tom Herbert

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Nothing new there then Jason.

I used to fish the Wey at and around Wisley Golf Course, lots of small fish (up to 5lbs max) and very hard to catch.
Meat always used to score well though

John Huntley

had any luck yet? The river although low has a nice steady flow. Been doing well with the chub


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Hi, only one chub, about 4lb so not bad. Missed two others, I fished near the Abbey. Bank was quite busy, lots of anglers coming and going, not sure what all that is about. I suspect most are after the carp.

Pics on my blog, www.m0bov.co.uk