What bobbin cord...


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...the cord you attach your bobbin to your bank stick with to stop it flying into the lake when you strike...

Ball chains, string, line, leadcore, shoe laces...tried a few but have never really been 100% happy.

What do you use and why ?


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Never really thought about it, but I wonder if nylon strimmer cord would do a job a little stiffer than usual but I suppose that could work in the anglers favour.

terry m

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Have stuck with the original Solar chains. Had them more than 20 years and they still work fine.


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I often prefer cord to chain and Imm dacron cord from Hobbycraft is the best I've found. Its not perfect but its not bad and cheap as chips.

I wish Gardner sold spare cords for their Nano bugs. That is perfick but it cant be in 2 places at the same time and I dont like moving stuff between bags as the Law of Sod decrees that whatever I need will be in the other bag. It happened to me on Thursday. The bobbins I wanted were 30 odd miles away.

Jeff Woodhouse

Moaning Marlow Meldrew
I used Solar indicator with the ball chains not really thinking about it too much until I struck a fish one day and the chain broke just as the indicator came off the line. Up in the air it went and into the water not 6 inches from the bank. Could I find it? I searched for ages with my hands and arms grubbing around in silt and all to no avail. Since then I've used chains and really heavy ones on Nash indicators, but these days I tend to use just one rod as a sleeper and that has a titanium spring based indicator and damned good it is too.

John Keane

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Using Swingers enables one to be free of bobbin cords and they can be counterbalanced to do exactly as you like.