what can I make?


Kit Stokes

I,like many other anglers, like nothing more when I'm not fishing than to be preparing for my next trip, and what I would like to know is, is there anything I can make in preparation for my next trip? e.g. rig boards, weigh slings etc.

I have already tried making my own boilies and my own landing mat wich were both succesfull. But is there anything else?


Kit I have been making tackle for both myself and retail for many years.You can make anything you want other than line!It all depends on how far you want to go.There are many reasons for making your own,here are some of mine-

You can have exactly what you want.
You can make things what are not otherwise available.
You can make some things cheaper than you can buy them for.
It is great fun!
It is also very satisfying to catch using an item of tackle you have made and designed yourself.
If you have any specific projects in mind let me know and if I can advise I will.


Yes Kit no problem with those two.Instead of a rig board though how about a "rig bin"?These keep all of your end rigs for any species both safe and tidy.When making any tackle your aproach will vary depending on what matireals you have available.If you have to buy too much the price will often exceed the cost of a ready made item!The fist thing that you will need is a suitable sized container with a resealable lid.The tins that powdered baby milk come in are good.If you want it to look nice and proffesional rub it down on the out side and spray a suitable colour with car spray paint.Next obtain a piece of round foam of a suitable diameter and use this to mount your rigs on.Just hook the hook into the foam and secure the swivel with a map pin.(a small box of these can be brought from your local news agent or stationers)If you can not get a suitable piece of round foam take a suitable tube or other tin and wrap and glue flat foam around it.This then obviously sits inside the main container.The crack of making your own is that you can tailor the size from a small carp stalking bin to a half waste paper bin Big Cat bin Poly balls and all! Easy in it? The sling is slightly harder and once again unless you have some suitable materials can work out more expensive.If how ever you require a special shape or a size that is not available then making your own is the only way. Have a crack at the bin I will post details of making the sling later.


Sorry Graham that nearly turned into an article and not a reply!


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Feb 23, 1999
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Don't apologise Budgie, I think it's great all the help you're giving. If you want to write more on ANY topic with a few pictures just submit another of your excellent articles. Incidentally, I make my own rig bins too. For ordinary hooklengths I use the screw-top food containers you can buy in most supermarkets, and for the foam I cut off a length of pipe insulation and hot-glue it to the underside of the lid. Tell you what, I'll write a little piece in the features section this morning and put a picture with it so that Kit and anyone else can see how useful these things are.

ray stevens

Hi! Budgie, good idea for a DIY section, I like Graham make rig bins only I screw bit of broom handle to inside of lid & cover it with foam.I also make my own floats pole & coarse. I have made a float I call Float Loc?? (sound familiar does`nt it???) Regards Ray.

paul williams

Can't you just tell the fellas who have been about for years!!! we used to make almost everthing ourselves, we had to! a good tackle shop now is like an Aladdins cave compared to in the 70's
I'd also like to say that a DIY section sounds great.

steph davies

On the subject of making tackle has anyone every heard of someone making a tackle retreiver. I would be interested to hear what anglers have come up with.
Cheers Steph Davies stephand40@hotmail.com

margot twine

as i am usually time restricted on my sessions my husband has pre-made all my rigs method, cage, bolt , pop-up etc each with various hook sizes and each with a spring clip swivel for quick change.Each rig is in its own sealable clear freezer bag all in my tackle box and labelled with line ,hook and hooklength size.This means i am sitting down with both rods in the water within 5 mins of hitting the peg.Conversely at end of session i am packed and in the car in 10 mins