What made you return to fishing?


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Since joining the forum I've noticed a lot of people, like myself, who have returned to fishing following a long absence.
What was it that made you start again?
Mine was quite a gradual thing, every holiday I would buy a rubbish little telescopic ten euro fishing outfit for the kids. We would go sea fishing, off the rocks or in little marinas, as time went by I began buying decent pre-tied hook lengths and taking it more seriously. Eventually I began buying more than one rod and reel set, purely so I wouldn't have to share with the kids!
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This was the slippery slope that led me back to fishing, after many years away.
What brought you back?


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I was really really into carp fishing but then i stopped loving it and really got into trail running and stopped fishing. But now with a little one and an ankle that probably need surgery. So getting back into fishing is way of getting out out there in nature but now it bug perch and roach that tickle my fancy and i want try find some mullet this summer too


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I'm similar apart from the carp fishing. I moved around the country for years, just drifted away from angling and replaced it with cycling and hill walking.
I've returned and still use the same basic techniques from my youth. I just enjoy the tranquility and being in nature, would rather catch a variety of species, any size, than giant lumps of carp.
My 2 boys love long cycle rides but only my little girl is into the fishing! I've taught her everything I know - that was probably the most boring 5 minutes of her life!


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For me that was an intention to recover, combining something I love and a necessity. Plus, that was a fantastic physiotherapist. Plus, that was FM.

So, in regards to my spouse I am in a solid position to justify going fishing :)

I have been fishing since I am a teenager - basically from the day I discovered the fishing equipement from my disappeared dad - so for about 25 years nearly non stop. Sport fishing only for predators (fresh water, coast) and natural trout

Well not all the time, because the 20-25 period was dedicated to chasing girls of all nationalities in belgium :)

3 years ago, an immense pain came, I last fly fished a fantastic river in Luxembourg and then after a few days I couldn't walk properly and started to shake non-stop. Bizarre bizarrre and I swear I hadn't taken too many monks beers :confused:

About 18 months later, a super physiotherapist restored the prospect of being able to walk. She suggested to also do certain types of hobbies and then I read a lot on FM (before I registered).

Honestly its all this that made me try again, this time coarse fishing. I love it and on top of that I really feel that over those previous 25 years I had missed out a vast majority of species and techniques!!!

Fishing is the best!!


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Once after a long spell not doing much fishing, work etc, about 5 or 6 years I think it was, a redundancy prompted me back. Just thought how do I fill my time. I started to keep some records for the first time, just to make it more interesting and then I called my fishing scientific research for a job in science and/or the fishing sector if anyone asked.

Robbie C

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I stopped in my late 20s.Now 58, had my own business working 6 days a week,pressures of living in London,now on second marriage.
My business has gone rubbish and my wife has a well paid job. Kids grown up and interest only mortgage has saved a fortune.
So now semi retired with time to go fishing .I’m looking forward to getting up at 4 am in June and catching Tench.Fishing all day sometimes. Fishing some evenings till it gets dark This summer. It’s taken 30 years but I’m back.Now obsessed , spending hours trawling the net and especially this wonderful forum. I suppose for me fishing is all or nothing,now I have time.
Trust my luck to start again just before the lockdown

john step

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I cannot ever imagine having not gone fishing. I became fascinated with the water at 4 watching the big boys catch sticklebacks and moving to a road next to The Chase at Dagenham I was able to fish (without much success) from the age of 6. I am now 71.

Mum" have you been over to that lake again" Reply " No" unconvincingly covered in mud.


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In 1973 I got married and stopped fishing for about 4 whole days. I suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms - you know: loss of sleep, dribbling, etc, etc. Fortunately my lovely wife understands my affliction and even sometimes comes with me in the warmer months.


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I never really left fishing apart from my mad upper teenage years into my early twenties when women were much more interesting although I did concentrate purely on Pike fishing for much of the nineties.

So a return of sorts to general fishing around the late nineties and it was really just a yearning to run a float down a river again, the Trent was reported to be 'dead' back at the time as the silvers had gone and it was pre-Barbel explosion but the Roach shoals were there if you could find 'em and good bags were still possible.

Had a bit of a sit down and re-think after a further few years of what direction I wanted my fishing to go in and so I got it together and have never really looked back since.


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In 1973 I got married and stopped fishing for about 4 whole days. I suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms - you know: loss of sleep, dribbling, etc, etc. Fortunately my lovely wife understands my affliction and even sometimes comes with me in the warmer months.
I took my fishing tackle on honeymoon.

David Rogers 3

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I returned to fishing in 2001, after a gap of nearly 20 years, when a friend found some fishing tackle in the broom cupboard of a flat he'd recently bought near Loch Awe in Scotland. He remembered me being into fishing when we were at school together in the '60s and asked me to show him the ropes and get him started. So all the expenditure over the last couple of decades is his fault!


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I packed up when I got married, sold my kit for gardening tools got an allotment to feed the family. Alway had it in the back of my mind to start again.
One day my youngest son said to me dad can you take me fishing ? That was about 11 years ago. I jumped at the chance ! Anyway looking at my records I’ve had a yearly licence since 2016 so I guess that’s when I really started back properly. The last few years I’ve been going more and more at least once a week come rain/sleet or even sunshine.
At 54 I hope to have at least another 20 years of fishing left.


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I was totally obsessed with coarse fishing as a kid, I lost a bit of interest as beer and girls featured more in my life! It was first moving away when I was 20 that finished it off. There was no way I could cart all my tackle around with me. In a way I'm a little envious of you guys who have fished for donkeys years, I've missed out on some great places when I was moving around.
Even though there was a 30 odd year gap, it still feels the same to me, when I arrive at the waters edge and begin tacling up, as when I was a lad. I'm not sure if I would still have that same enthusiasm if I had just continued?
I look at my rods now and remember thumbing through a tatty Shakespeare or Abu catalogue when I was young, desperate to save enough cash from my Saturday job for something new and shiny. The excitement of going into Taskers Tackle, then at County Road Liverpool, and handing my dosh over for my 13 foot float rod!
I don't miss carting that bloody heavy old wicker basket about though!
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I bet you did .:rolleyes:

Apart from a few adolescent years I only started coarse fishing in November 2015 and haven't looked back. I'm slowly acquiring a bit more Tackle.:rolleyes:
Buy a pole Mike, go over to the dark side, I will come with you to choose one.


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Started back in the 1950’s and fished every hour I could till the mid 1970's. Took a bit of a break when family life took over, then another bit of a break to concentrate on other hobbies music, photography and dance. Now in another break period, I haven’t been for the best part of a year. So my returns to fishing have been quite frequent over the years.

I suppose you could say that fishing as gone from being my life to just part of my life.


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I didn't ever fish as a kid, it wasn't something I ever thought about, my father didn't do it, my pals didn't do it.

My doc advised me to take up something relaxing around 2004 so I tried fishing. Joined a local water and fished a couple of times a week and enjoyed it. But I drifted away from it after a few years and eventually took up golf around 2012 as my pals all played, only fishing a few times a year when we went away camping, we would always make sure the campsite had a fishing lake.

I had a golf injury injury about 2015 and never played again, and for the next couple of years was still ony fishing a few times a year when camping, and even that faded out, I didn't fish at all in 2017. Eventually ended up buying a static caravan in 2018 on a site with fishing lakes, haven't looked back, fish every weekend and spend all of my holidays there, fishing most days when we're there for a week at a time.