What rod for 5/6 year old?


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What rod should I buy for my 5/6 year old. Anything I see seems gimmicky. Internet suggests ugly stick and zebco dock demon but the zebco is only 2ft6 and they say the reel is rubbish on the ugly stick and both seem very hard to get, seems more of an American thing. We will be fishing for brown trout in a small River with worms and maybe move up to reservoir with spinner.
I don't want cheap dirt, hopefully something that lasts. I'm guessing something like a 4ft6 or 5ft rod but very light and I take it it's a spinning rod I need.
I'm from northern Ireland.


I just used whatever my dad had as a spare when I started, (think it was an excuse for him to buy new tackle). As above really, if your fishing the same method you could do with a similar setup.


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When my 8 year old had just turned 7 he was struggling with bird's nesting a fixed spool and the frustration was making him not want to fish.

I bought him the above mini Zebco 33 combo, though it was about £10 cheaper back then. First cast and he landed an almost 8lb Pike, he has picked up Perch and Crucian to just under 2lb and too many small Roach, Rudd and Perch to count.

Of course we could pick the rod and reel apart on a technical level,but for the money it's been brilliant for him and he has been able to use it on his own from the off without any frustration.


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Anyone looking for a really inexpensive but very usable rod and reel combo for the kids I recommend the Shakespeare Firebird ll combo from Go Outdoors. It's a tenner! I got them for my 3 kids for a holiday and my daughter and myself have used them numerous times, caught loads with them, they're still going strong. It's a 7 foot rod and the reel is great, my little girl uses it with no problems. The 5lb line they are supplied with is awfull, but once replaced, you have a very usable little set up for the kids.


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Chuffed to see the kids fishing and showing what they have caught well done sir, I will be doing much the same for my seven year old grandson.