What tackle to get

Simon Clews

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I've been float fishing on my local canal for a few months now (with a float fishing trip on the Severn) using a rod from Argos and a reel that was given to me. I want to move onto now to fishing local pools for carp, the Severn for barbel and the local canal and Severn for pike. What tackle should I be looking to get from my Ascari catalogue? I have to claim benefit so the cheaper the better.


Jack Pike

Have you tried Bennets of Sheffield some excellent outfits I would leave the pike fishing alone for a while till you find confidence with catching normal fish then try to go along with some with expirence at catching pike or try to attend a local PAC meeting

Stu Black

Bennets is 1 of the most expensive shops around...Try advertisers there <<<<<<<<<

ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)

I wouldn't touch Bennetts with a barge pole ---far too expensive------(probably need to charge so much to pay for all the full page ads in the papers)

Budgie Burgess

Why buy cheap brand new gear that is crap when you can buy top of the range second hand gear? If I had all my Pike rods nicked and couldnt afford to replace them I would much rather get hold of some top of the range glass rods (Terry Eustace still sells plenty of Big Pikes!) than some cheap and cheerful carbon crap from Askari.As allready said BOS are well over priced as are most mail order catalogues (Littlewoods etc)Look on Ebay or in the weekly angling papers swop shops.

Kiwi Carper

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I agree second hand is the way to go look for adverts in the papers or even in local tackle shops, a lot of people budget for gear by looking at price of rod and price of reel but how much would it cost to buy a good selection of say 75 floats????? and a selection of shot hooks lines etc etc banksticks catapult, baitboxes etc etc
Look arounsd for people selling complete set ups you will save a fortune!!!!!

Jack Pike

I know BOS can be expensive but they have bargains sometimes but the main point is they let you spread the payments over 6 months