whats the fish called


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somethings been doing my head in last 2 days im on twitter and one of the people I follow posted a pic of a fish I know well but cant for the life of me remember whats its called
it has a dorsal most of its length and is commonly known as the lady of the stream
any ideas guys and gals

Peter Jacobs

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Sounds like a Greyling and is called 'The Lady of the Stream' because of her refined beauty, her lacelike dorsal fin, her grace and the subtle way in which she rises and takes a dry fly.

She even has her own perfume, a thyme-like odor reflected in her Latin name. Thymallus thymallus, In French she is called or 'Ombre commun' Common Shadow, and in some places known as the "shadow of the stream.

terry m

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Has anyone ever seen Nicola Sturgeon and Jimmy Kranky in the same room together?

...nope, I thought not.


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yes thats it , thanks its **** when the memory starts to go , cheers I was thinking it started with d thats why .