which hook baits?


Glyn Maude

i need help as to which hook baits are best for carp in winter.what colour should the bait be,light or dark?Also if there is any good places to go in the west yorkshire area?

Carp Angler

There are a few different schools of thought regarding hookbait choice.

The first is the subtle, blend in with the background, minimal flavour route with a decent scattering of loose baits.
This attracts the "willing to feed" carp to have a good munch.

The second is the in your face, brightly coloured, overflavoured bait that shouts "EAT ME" to any marauding carp.......and coot, grebe, swan etc etc

Both have their places.

For bright baits I would suggest, white, flouro pink (very difficult) and blue (in deeper water).

The subtle baits should blend in with the bottom and be either lightish brown or green depending on bottom make-up.

Other schools of thought suggest that colour is superfluous and it's just a confidence thing.

"Any good places to go in the West Yorkshire area?"

Yep, onto the M62 then join the M1, head southbound for approx 250 miles, pick any lake and it's bound to hold loads of easy 40's.

Other than that try Selby 3 lakes, Ripon racecourse, Drax, Sally walsh dam, Hull Motorway pond, A1 pits.......do you need any more?