Which Reel For Barbel


Carp Angler

Most of the time I use my Shimano 3500 Seaspins (the original baitrunner)
with that fantastic noise as the spool starts to spin.....

John Tait

"All the top kiddies are on Baitrunners and Fox Barbel rods."

Wahay !! - fame at last !!!


Paul Williams

i flogged 3 3500's dirt cheap to a zander angler.....he wanted em coz he reckoned they were better than the "new" ones......they were certainly freer running and am i looking through rose tinted specs or was there less line twist?
Wish i still had em now then i could have my own back on the phone!! .....mind you i'm breaming and blanking at the moment aint getting many spinning clutch's!!!!!

Keith Manger

I prefer to use fixed Spool reels when legering for Barbel; however my friends and I went through a 'Small Multiplier' stage a few years ago using very small multipliers like the abu 2500 and abu record 2100, they were excellent and it was a real pleasure playing large fish on them. For trotting you just cannot beat the control of a good Centre Pin, but if I could only choose only one reel for barbel fishing it would have to be a good fixed spool reel as they are more versatile overall.


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Feb 23, 1999
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You're right, I think we all have fads and phases with other types of reel at some time or other, but no matter how skilful you are with a centre-pin (and I admire those who have such skills), it can't beat the shear efficiency of a fixed-spool.

Dave Johnson

Yep I agree with that Graham, there are times when I love wandering down the Dove with a centrepin, freelining etc, but there are times when I look at pegs on the far bank that realistically are only fishable with a fixed spool-even by Mr Roe!!!

The other thing of course, is the sound of a clutch giving line to a pwerful barbel-music to my ears.....

Alan Roe

Whoa!!I go away for a few days to come back to see my name being taken in vain!!!

Dave e-mail me with some contact details for you and I will try to sort out a day on the Ribble and we can go and play with the pins after some chub or barbel.

I certainly do not advocate lobbing feeders round off the pin `you can get away with it with the smaller sizes of feeder but the trying it with the bigger ones can put you a risk of some very nasty cuts if you get it wrong....Been there done that!! and it hurts......!

For most people I would only advocate distance casting with the pin using either float tackle and ledegers up to around the ounce mark.

I have made this offer in the past and am happy to do so again. If anybody wants to learn the Wallis Cast which allows you to cast reasonable distances from the pin please feel free to e-mail me and I will be happy to help.

Alan Roe

Cor! my last post must have frightened you all!!!
Anyway my recommendation for a reel is the Browning Revolver centerpin.....Superb!